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Thread: Some New Ideas

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    William Shannon

    Some New Ideas

    I would love to see a recycling factory. I have different ideas about how it could work:

    The recycling factory could allow you to recycle items in exchange for what it took to make them. So if I recycle 1 table, I get back the materials it took to make them (3 pine trees).

    The recycling factory could also take building materials for coins (I’m aware we can sell them from our barn) or to exchange them for other building materials. That would be a good way to balance out the building materials since some of us get more of one thing and not many of another.

    The recycling factory should be instant with no waiting period or production que.

    Some other ideas:

    Themed town skins. Similar to Minecraft texture packs. We can either buy them or they’d be free. It’d be a great customization feature that lets us choose how our town looks overall. This would also be good to add a nighttime skin. I’m aware we won’t ever have day/night cycles, but isn’t picking one or the other doable? Would also love it to always be winter in my town. It’s my favorite season!

    Lab booster that doubles the value of everything you sell from your barn.

    Lab booster to cut the cost of the dealer’s offers in half.

    Vanilla bean crop. The possibilities for recipes using this item are endless!

    No items should require more than three ingredients. Several have four ingredients. That’s too much.

    The recipes for food items should be more realistic. For example, it doesn’t take four eggs to make one muffin in real life.

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    William Shannon
    Would love to see some of these implemented.

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    William Shannon
    More ideas:

    More incentives for people who are level 100+. Once we hit a certain point, there isn’t much to do. It would be nice if things were added for people at higher levels so we have something to work towards.

    More crop fields for growing.

    Higher rewards for leveling up. 5 T-cash isn’t worth it.

    Upgrading the barn should increase to 100 spots.

    Many things can use ingots, but obtaining the ore and smelting them into ingots is time consuming and and isn’t easy. I’d like to see more ways to earn or buy ingots in the marketplace.

    Make the Profitable Flight a booster we can buy. I only see it’s part of the $100 T-cash bundle.

    In the new T-cash bundles, we should be able to pick which bonuses we want. I don’t use the barn increase one, so I wouldn’t want that one.

    Have some of the T-cash bundles include coins.

    More houses.

    A queue in the Foundry.

    More buildable/upgradable things like the cake, spaceport, etc.

    More fence types and colors. I liked the “sea fence”.

    A stuffed bear in the doll factory.

    A graveyard decoration. Hey, every town has one in real life!

    More community buildings.
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    William Shannon
    Blueberry crop/island item

    Option to buy the dealer for 30 days.

    It would be nice if the dealer helps stacked up. Not all of us can be on the game 24/7. We get one help per hour, so if we buy the dealer for 1 day, we’d get 24 helps. If we pay for the dealer, we should get our money’s worth. You can even make it so they expire so people don’t stock up on them.

    During events, put all the temporary recipes at the end in the factories. I like to breeze through when making stuff and these items move other things and it’s a pain.

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    William Shannon
    I would like to see simplified feed. Just one feed for all animals would be better.

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    William Shannon
    We should be able to put any building in storage (even at the cost of population). Like many others, I hate the Mint and Jewelry shop. I’d like to put them away.

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    William Shannon
    I would like to see peanut crops and some recipes that include peanuts.

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    William Shannon
    A sign for our zoo like our town sign so we can name our zoo.

    Also kind of silly that we can’t put any decoration we want in the zoo. Some can’t be placed in the zoo...

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    William Shannon
    For the dealer: rather than buying him for X days, have it be a pay per help. Can be paid in T cash, coins, ingots, or gems. The more you pay, the better his offers.

    Ability to have whichever houses we want. I’d like to sell a lot of the smaller houses and buy the bigger ones. It’ll take up less room in my town.

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    William Shannon
    The chest types we get during the interseasonal regatta should determine the kinds of chests we get during the following regular regatta each week.

    Example: if I get 9 precious chests during the interseasonal regatta, I’d get 9 precious chests during the season regatta each week until the next interseasonal regatta.

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