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Thread: Why Bronze?

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    Why Bronze?

    Why bronze and not copper? Bronze is an alloy of two metals copper and tin. You cannot dig out ore of bronze unlike silver gold or copper

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    Which is why we make bronze ingots... Out of copper ore...

    I know we don't have tin, but I chalk that up to a TS quirk, like pigs that supply never-ending bacon.

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    If we want to investigate the "truthfulness" or "how real it should be", 90% of the gaming world could not stand for such scrutiny. If we want to keep it as real as possible, most of the game will be tedious and complicated and no fun at all.

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    I assume because it lines up with Olympic medals so nearly every player would know the relative value of the ingots.

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    This is not the only digital game that has "bronze ore", which doesn't actually exist (well, barred two very, very local exceptions).

    From a metallurgic and/or archaeological point of view, this silliness is of course mildly disappointing.

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    I'm just very grateful those pigs didn't grow and get fat and then suddenly turn back into piglets when we collected the bacon.

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