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Thread: Update Fishdom like Gardenscapes pls

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    Update Fishdom like Gardenscapes pls

    Hi Playrix people I like things abt ur other game Gardenscapes and I don't know why u haven't made the changes in Fishdom. 1. No more timed levels. U made a big deal abt no more timed levels in Gscapes why do we still hav them in Fdom? 2. In Gscapes my additional lives never disappear or time out til I use them. Why do my additional lives from friends in my inbox in Fdom disappear? Why do they hav to be used in a certain amount of time? 3. Still waiting for the play again decision box to show infinite lives if that is what I hav at the time and not a minus one.

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    I just gave my ‘timed level’ hint on the discussion thread. No longer any need to fear the timed levels. All you have to do is keep a hammer or swap tool. Click it once and it will pause the game. BUT you have to remember to unclick it before making your move, or it will do what it is meant for. So after each turn or 2, I click on it, look carefully at the board, UNCLICK it, and then make my move. To help you remember you have clicked it, the screen darkens a little, although I have been known to accidentally click the tile and lose my hammer. The swap is a little better, as you have to click 2 tiles to get it to work, so I try to keep at least 1 swap for those timed games. Hope this helps!

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    Hello, this is the picture of the game in the Gardenscapes game, but I have not uploaded the picture in the electric show in the game, there is another picture and this picture is not mine. I did not register the picture during the first recording, but the picture belonging to someone else was added. I said I changed it again, but it still seems the same. This is how my friends and my family who see this picture will come to react to this picture. I do not see how to send this message to you on the forum, so I am writing this partition. Please post each image as the profile picture in this game. The pictures are underneath.

    Clip (2017_01_29 09_19_04 UTC).jpgClip.jpg
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    It does help thanks very much! Great idea! (I do still hope Playrix makes the Gardenscapes changes to improve Fishdom!)

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    Warum muss der ganze driss hier in englisch sein keiner schreibt hier mal in deutsch echt sowas von uncool

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