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Thread: Duck Food [merged]

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    Duck Food [merged]

    Can I ask that the ducks are fed something suitable like corn or wheat as bread is not good for ducks, it may educate younger people to feed live ducks like this
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    Duck Food

    Hey! So I know this is just a game but bread and all bread related products are extremely harmful to ducks, geese and other birds. It does not possess the proper nutrients for them to grow properly and can actually cause their bones to break and reform in weird directions resulting in them not being able to fly. If you want to learn more about it research "Angel Wing" in birds.

    Is there any way you could change the items in the duck feeder to things like "seeds", "pellets" or "lettuce"?

    Like I said before I know this is just a game, but even in a game promoting better animal welfare is a step in the right direction :)


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    I like what you said, and I also have a little mention to help you in this wish item that doesn't add any form of new content in the game.

    Corn, Wheat, Rice, and Grapes

    One last option would be just to make a duck food in our feeding mills using some of the above ingredients. Hope this helps.

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    Love the proper food ideas. Woot woot!

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    This definitely was discussed when the duck feeder was first introduced, but nobody seems to care that sugar cane and wheat isn't an appropriate diet for bees either. (And silk does not grow on trees.)
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    We also don't pluck feathers from living birds. However I agree that we shouldn't be feeding even imaginary birds harmful food when we have other options.

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    I didn’t know if you guys all knew but ducks are really not suppose to eat bread.. they should eat berries. It would be neat if you guys made that an option.

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    An ability to feed ducks grapes would be cool, as I really don’t have much use for them aside for making grape jelly
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    Ducks & Bees

    Could the Ducks please eat something other than bread and cake, not suitable food for Ducks, also the Bees should collect pollen from flowers not collect sugar cubes!

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    Duck food

    So I just received some ducks and SO excited but shocked and disappointed that I have to feed them bread options. The the very things which the public is now being told, for a few years now, that YOU SHOULD NOT feed ducks or any bird Bread! Signs are now posted at our state and local/township bodies of water about how NOT to feed ducks or any bird bread. If you do you'll be fined. SO if there is a need for these signs in real life thinking it would be best to feed our township birds...well...not bread.
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