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Thread: Level 1446...Something amiss... Glitch?

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    Level 1446...Something amiss... Glitch?

    There is a glitch on this level. The rockets should create flowers. They start to, but once 4 flowers are created, they change to picking up individual, already created, flowers...or picking up individual that there are not enough moves to create all the flowers required.

    I have used all boosters..but these do not help and are wasted.

    One would have to use boosters and pay out for 10 - 15 extra moves and hope for the best...because the rockets stop making enough flowers.

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    I forgot to mention that the way to reach the boxes that make the flowers is via the rockets....the flower makers are located in boxes OUTSIDE of the main playing area. You can also grow them with a bomb nearby...however, boosters do not help because they get used up in the early process.

    There are multiple steps required to get explosives near enough to be adjacent to grow a flower...(remove a shield, remove acorns, turn all the mushrooms) which brings us back to needing extra moves.

    You need to make 25 flowers. There are 4 boxes that grow flowers. It takes three moves to grow 12_flowers. Six moves make 24 flowers. Therefore It would take 9 moves to get 25 flowers.

    This is not a very hard level. This is not a super hard level. This is a normal level.


    It could be done if the rockets all focused on making flowers...not changing to pick up single flowers and acorns.

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    The rockets do that (pick up flowers as well as make them) on every level, at least that I've seen so far. It can be frustrating when you need to make more flowers for sure, but it can also be really helpful if you can't reach them with a rainbow blast.

    You can reach the flower beds with bombs as well as rockets, and when the original rockets on the edges are used they are replaced so there's no shortage of them. Keep playing! It's so much a matter of luck. I hope you hit just the right combo of pieces soon.

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