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Thread: 16.05 Special GIVEAWAY from the Devs!

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    I like playing township, because it allows me to take short breaks throughout the day to play such an enjoyable game. I am currently in a pretty intense and time consuming masters program, but this game allows me to come and go when I am able. I also enjoy that there are aspects of the game where I am concentrating on building my own town and farm. The co-op and regatta competitions also are loads of fun. After I was able to join a fairly active group, the teamwork was another great part of this game. I also love that this game is free to play, but it doesn't cost much if I wanted to get more cash or coin in the game. Thank you for your hard work guys!

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    Hi:-) I love Township playing cos when I play it, I'm away from my always storm brian in my mind!

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    I love Township because it is like a book that is written for a lifetime. Every day bring something new for discover, because of Township I became more patient and tolerant in real life. Thank you for great game :* ♡

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    I love playing township because I've met some great people through starting a co-op & being a leader. I enjoy doing the tasks & racing. My co-op has people from all around the world working together & that's just amazing to me. Thank you for creating a game that connects the world & I enjoy playing so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Petrova View Post

    1⃣ a BRANDED T-SHIRT; 👕
    2⃣ 300 T-CASH; 💰
    3⃣ 200 T-CASH. 💸
    Interesting: ( they value a t-shirt higher than tcash) to me it's the other way around ( the t-shirt advertises THEM.)

    I LIKE playing township because it's more cooperative than the other app I play. And with events township is always changing ( at least so far.) I've been playing only a few months.

    T-shirts ( if I ever get one I hope you offer 2XL-TALL )

    REQUEST: contest prizes how about as a player gets a higher position group they also win the prizes below. ( I've looked at the prizes, and thought if I get to 4th place, I'd like the tcash, but I NEED the 4th place building material, I have plenty of what is prize at 3rd place.

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    Hey, everyone! 👋🌞

    First of all, let us thank you for all your INCREDIBLE comments, they were really touching, and we appreciate each of them! 💗💐

    Congrats to our WINNERS: ShadowRune, Nana, and 52Janice! Please check your PMs on how to receive your prizes! 💪👑

    Stay tuned for more amazing contests, Townshippers! Have a great day!

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