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Thread: City Market Re-Design

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    City Market Re-Design

    I think it would be better if you could redesign the City Market and Raja.

    1. It's a pain to scroll to the end, then have to go all the way back to get to Raja.
    2. Because there is no set scroll area it's very easy to click and buy something we don't want.

    Here's what I'd picture....

    On the left 1/5th Raja sitting alone, showing either "Available" Or "Back in xx mins". And possibly below that, how much longer Raja will be available before he needs to be Re-hired (days, then hours, then mins).

    On the right 4/5th's, all the available market products on a turn table, or what looks like a virtual Lazy Susan. With the bottom part of the round shelf made wide enough so we can scroll forward and backwards without accidentally hitting any products.

    It could have single, double or triple shelves, depending on device it's shown on, and/or how many boxes people have purchased....

    Just an idea

    Edit (Found another post on this as well)
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