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Thread: Do I need a facebook account to play? - ¿Necesito una cuenta de facebook para jugar?

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    Do I need a facebook account to play? - ¿Necesito una cuenta de facebook para jugar?

    Estoy pensando en borrar mi cuenta de facebook, pero me he acordado de este juego que entro todos los días, para pasar un rato granjeando con unos amigos, antes de hacer nada, he decidido preguntar si para el juego es necesario o mejor dicho obligatorio tener facebook.
    Muchas gracias.


    I'm thinking about deleting my facebook account, but I remembered this game that I play every day, to spend some time earning money with some friends, before doing anything, I decided to ask if it's necessary or better said mandatory to have facebook for the game.
    Thank you very much.

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    Hi. You don't need a Facebook account to play the game, but if you delete your account you will lose any "Facebook friends" you have, and will only be able to add friends from the game itself.

    I also believe that sometimes being connected to Facebook helps save your progress if for any reason you have to uninstall and reinstall the game - not sure how that works exactly, maybe someone else on here can explain that better than I can!

    You could always do what I have done and create an anonymous Facebook account only for games, and connect to that, though obviously that depends on the reason you want to delete your account in the first place.

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