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Thread: 08.05 Township Trivia

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    08.05 Township Trivia

    Hey, everyone!

    How about TOWNSHIP TRIVIA today?

    Help little Agnes COUNT all the YELLOW BLOCKS this time! πŸ”½

    5 random WINNERS will soon receive 250 T-CASH each! Have fun, guys! πŸŽ‰βœŒ

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    I count 31 blocks
    Town Name Boo..........Name changes weekly, but always with a Boo!
    Friend code AA7WY3
    Town Level 154
    Coop Name Castaways
    Coop Code #CSF7JN

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    I count 31 blocks and 1 yellow square plant base on the window sill that looks like a toy block but it's not

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    I count 32 yellow blocks

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    Sep 2017
    Gillette, Wyoming
    I count 31
    Town: Katucket
    Co-op: Flying Cloud #FYWW7J
    Playing on Kindle since August 2017
    From: Wyoming, USA

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    Jul 2016
    In the middle of no where Florida
    I counted 31.
    Town name -E HAW JUNCTION.
    Co-op- Love Shack (just me and hubby Unless hopping)
    Level- 128.
    Friend Code -5P2472

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    I got 31 blocks

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    I count 31 yellow blocks

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    Counted 31 blocks
    Town Level 139
    Co-op: Castaways

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