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Thread: Wheel

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    Spinning wheel

    Not likening it when spinning wheel comes up automatically at beggining of game. I like to choose when to use it especially if its at 12:00 at night and i am forced to use it.

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    The wheel is a total joke and waste of time not only are you forced to spin but also all I seem to get is more lives...I currently have 7 hours of unlimited lives and 27 lives in mail from wheel...y'all really need to fix this problem

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    Playrix why r u forcing us to do the spin when u want us to? Let us choose to do it or not. I do appreciate the opportunity altho in a year or so of daily spins I won the jackpot once. There is in theory a chance to win something useful. But why make this change to jam the daily spin into the middle of whatever we r doing? Makes no sense.

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    Quit being so stingy with the wheel. You are back to just giving lives on the spin. This just isn't fair. You used to give us everything on the wheel evenly but not anymore. Please do better!

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    Also don’t like the automatic spinning wheel, prefer to choose when. And agree, lately all I ever get are lives... every time... something is up! Like the game in general but not digging this.

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    The wheel is random, after a long time of getting coins or lives, i hit the jackpot twice in the last month, and got a shovel today. Keep spinning, it will get better with time .

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    And a good news: i got hitted rake twice or so in last month Totally agree its random. All is possible to get.

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    I also get too many lives, but random is random, I guess.

    And I guess the force-opening of the daily wheel has been introduced, cos many players might have overlooked it. I remember I thought it is easy, with the man needing some time until he has finally arrived on the street, and also, the little wheel symbol appearing was slow - until then, I was already "somewhere" in the game.
    Now, dunno why it is so terrible having the game open with it? I don't mind - or does it come up in the middle of a round, when it's midnight and you happen to play, or what?
    And why would anyone NOT spin it??

    But speaking of midnight, I have been wondering both in Gardenscapes and Homescapes, with which time/hour the daily thingy is connected. Sometimes it seems to appear after an 8 hours-day, lol. (which esp. in HS means, I always stay on day 1 )

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    I don't see any problem with the spinning wheel starting up when you open the game. What difference does it make whether it's then or when you choose, you're not necessarily going to get a better prize. OK, more often than not you will get lives and a few coins, but I often win other boosts and (very) occasionally the jackpot. At least, it's something for nothing and only takes a few seconds. I do see, however, that it could be really irritating if you're in the middle of a game and the wheel pops up, especially if you then can't get back in.

    DD - playing on Kindle Fire, I find that both the Gardenscapes wheel and Homescapes calendar always appear just after midnight. I don't recall either of them ever appearing over shorter periods. That's a pain in Homescapes to win only the coins every time.

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    Additionally, stop forcing the wheel spin when we open the game. I prefer to spin at the end of my tuen when I no longer have lives left, that way I get maximum benefit should I win the jackpot.

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