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Thread: Maximum level in the game

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    Maximum level in the game

    What's the highest level in this game? I love it!!

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    Right now there are around 2450 levels. You can check out this thread, it is periodically updated by players who already reached the end of the game: How Many Levels?
    Each week there are 25 new levels added. Happy gaming!

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    I’m on lavel 2551. I can’t get any further. Keep searching for the keys for th 4rd times (1set of 15) getting pretty boring here....

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    I have made it to 2601. Need more!!!

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    This week the highest level is 2601 but 25 more levels will appear tonight. Happy gaming!
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    At least let us keep our boosters from the treasure chests! I had 2 bombs, 2 rainbow blasts and 3 extra moves!

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    Last Level in the moment is 3166

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    On PC/Mac there are only 3061.

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