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Thread: Can You Play On A Desktop Computer?

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    Please see my edited comment above, or this post.

    Regarding your first post, I see only that you edited it yourself.

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    not sure where to post this....
    im wondering if someone can explain to me im confused. im playing township (that i found in the microsoft store) on my laptop
    so what dose that mean exactly will i be able to play the zoo when i get that far im level 13 currently. can i get friends, im linked with facebook. Is this game with android or what i dont have any emulators bluestack is crap (in my opinion). I guess im wanting to know will my game work or will it crash in the middle of playing, it hasent yet no problems so far....

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    Hi Lena - if you're playing on a Microsoft laptop without an android emulator then you're playing one of the Windows versions of the game. 8.1 is no longer being updated (as explained in this post by our Playrix Admin), but Windows 10 is. The Windows platform doesn't yet have the new zoo card mechanic, and does have an issue with users occasionally losing progress in their zoo and needing help from Customer Support to get it back.

    Windows players can only play with others on the same platform - it isn't cross-compatible with those playing on MacOS (who play only with others on Mac) or iOS/Android/Amazon (who can all play with each other). So your Facebook friends will only appear in-game if they too play on Windows.

    As far as Bluestacks is concerned, emulators aren't supported by Playrix, so anyone using one will be missing the social features of the game and won't get technical assistance if they do run into problems.

    Hope that helps to clarify.

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    basically i want to know if ill be able to participate in the upcoming events
    color splash and reef fishing, not to worried about the zoo since thats a ways away.
    do you know when those events will start,but thank you for yr reply

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    Hi! I just want to play a simple version of townsville on my laptop. Is there a link anywhere??? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crystal C. Adams View Post
    Hi! I just want to play a simple version of townsville on my laptop. Is there a link anywhere??? Thanks!
    If you're running Windows, you can download the Township game directly from your Microsoft Store, here.
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    can we play the game on the computer , i using android ?

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    Regardless which version we play, the game requires us to get past the early levels before we can open the zoo. For mobile users it needs level 24. Windows users need to reach level 40.

    I believe the Windows version has some of the special events, but not all the ones the iOS/Android/kindle mobile device users get.
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    Mr. Dreadnought, now Playrix has improved Township on windows and we can play with task reservation.

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