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Thread: Unfair Rewards?

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    It's true because they gave my daughter it when she stopped playing for like two months. Its 5 days of rewards yeah it's not fair they should give it to everyone but I'm thinking they give it to the players who don't have many coins to help them out. I have proof if you need it I can screenshot it for you because she has one more day of rewards left.

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    Oh and I buy tcash every week for both of us. But I think they give it to ppl who don't have a lot of coins because I left too and they didn't give it to me but they gave it to her. But I already have a lot of coins so it doesn't really matter to me.

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    I am agreed with William Shannon that it will be photoshop fake post i think it could not be possible
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    Hi and Welcome to the forum.
    This is an old thread, it has already been proved...sorry
    Enjoy your game,

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    This is common practice to give a gift to a returning player. Remember, that by playing you get a free gift each day as well as a free air balloon with a gift. Oh yeah and let's not forget a chest in the sea. Multiply it by 365 days of playing.. just saying. Realistically, there is no value in anything in this game. It is value only if you need it and are willing to pay for it.

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