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Thread: Unfair Rewards?

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    William Shannon

    Unfair Rewards?

    I saw this on Facebook and became quite upset. I’ve been playing Township for over 3 years and have spent thousands of dollars on Tcash. This person quits playing for a month and is awarded over 200,000 coins and ten hammers? Where’s the logic or fairness in that? Reward those of us that support the game financially.

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    I had such "welcome back"-gifts in Fishdom and games of other Devs, too, and actually found it a nice gesture, but certainly didn't get such amounts. What an odd sum anyway.

    as an aside: great picture you're using as your avi pic! that certainly shows enthusiasm for the game

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    Not bad! That’s nice encouragement for those of us who leave the game for stretches of time. Remember, just because someone takes time off doesn’t mean they don’t invest financially in the game when they do play. I think 200,000 is a very nice touch. LOL

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    William Shannon
    I left the game for close to three months after some co-op drama in 2017. I didn’t uninstall it, but I also got no rewards when I started playing again.

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    You know what's not fair? It's not fair pc players don't get events. Life is so unfair. Sigh.

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    William Shannon
    Not even closely related. You have the option to play on a device that has events. I don’t have an option to get freebies.

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    Well that stinks. I was gone for about two months and didn't get so much as "glad you're back"when I started playing again.

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    Has anyone considered that the FB post might be total BS? The quantity of coins is worth about $50.00USD, I can't see Playrix giving a gift with real value like that.

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    Surely you return to a free to play game to play not for any reward you might get? Or am I really missing something here?

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    William Shannon
    Why would someone make that up? It looks legit. I photoshop and can usually spot a fake.

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