It wasn’t that bad, really, until the Regatta seasons started. It was manageable, although getting somewhat cramped already. So how does one deal with the onslaught of all this new stuff? With the latest update we did get 3 land expansions, but this was immediately consumed between the Color Splash Event décor and the Ancient Legends Seasonal Regatta trinkets.

There are different strategies you can use and it is interesting to hear how you manage it. I offer a few for your consideration.

You can take a Township Decor Greatist Hits approach. This is a wonderful way to rationalize why certain things do not appear in your town anymore. You get closure when you put that Bargain District away, never to be seen again. Yeah, it was okaaaay, but just not good enough for Daliscape. That kind of conversation with yourself. Only the best decorations will appear in your town and the rest will be stored or as Nana does, sold with no compunction.

If you are a collector, and have a hard time letting go, then maybe you can take the Accessorize approach to your town. This works well if decorations are not so much thematically or logically arranged in your town but dispersed throughout. It works similar to a woman’s wardrobe where the purse, shoes, top, and jewelry are carefully chosen for the day. An example here would be in order. “You know, I think this week we are going to Pirate, with some Halloween, Egyptian, and maybe just a dash of Dragon.” You outfit your town per your moods, whim, etc.

Another option is to set aside a certain area of your town for the latest decorations while keeping the rest of your town mostly static. Let’s call this the Marquee approach. This is a low stress way to handle décor deluge. The latest trinkets only will be on display in a fixed area for a short time. You arrange this area once a month approximately.

Well, I guess you are already doing at least one of the above, maybe more. A penny for your thoughts.