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Thread: Improvement Ideas

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    I enjoy the game and keep progressing--though some rounds are easier than others!

    I do like the idea of the contests/prizes. However, because of doing well, I ended up having nearly eight hours of free play in a row. It was very frustrating and I ended up walking away from a lot of hours because I couldn't devote that time right then.

    Rather than having to use the lives right away, can we save them in half-hour increments perhaps? With a maximum of ten hours saved or something if you find it needs to be minimized? That way I can take advantage of the prizes and won't feel as frustrated by doing well and then being unable to use the lives. Or if we are unable to use the time, can we trade it in for a pack of more boosters? Either way would make me happier about the "win" and being able to use them.

    The second idea is a potential "prize" or "booster" which is a do-over one! A lot of times I make a move and spot another, better one just after I make the move. Perhaps having an undo for one move would be a helpful booster?

    Thanks for the fun time!

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    How about giving a better reward for playing more than 7 days in a row! Something better than starting over at day 1!!

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    My suggestion for improvement relates to the way the paper planes work. I am currently doing a level that requires filling up with carpet, and getting the stone cats. Most of the paper planes I activate are laying a carpet tile rather than hitting a stone cat. This is very frustrating, because I can do a carpet tile with a simple match3, yet the cats can only be broken by the boosters. Please please can the target of the planes be adjusted to choose the most useful tile to land on, taking into account which tiles cannot be accessed without a booster. In other levels I've found that the planes will regularly land in a place that sets off other boosters, thereby taking away my choice of where to use them. Again ... very frustrating, and it makes a considerable difference to the potential of completeing levels, particularly the hard levels.
    Apart from that, your game is a great timewaster, and I thank you for it!

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    My suggestion concerns the "play on for 900" that you can click on to get extra chances to complete a level. I have often hit this by mistake and wasted my extra chances. What would be great is if there was a question prompted when you hit this that would ask if you really want to do this. That way you have a second chance if you didn't mean to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RosaNary View Post
    ... In other levels I've found that the planes will regularly land in a place that sets off other boosters, thereby taking away my choice of where to use them. Again ... very frustrating, and it makes a considerable difference to the potential of completeing levels, particularly the hard levels.
    This is the normal behavior for planes in levels where setting off boosters is part of the level goal. Otherwise, they won't target other boosters.

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    I agree 100%!! Getting ☆stars☆ are hard enough, but then it's 3☆☆☆ for 1 dinning room chair for a 6 person table or 1 ☆ to answer the door or get the mail.. I have been playing this game for while and I'm still in the kitchen, it's quite disappointing!!

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    I agree to most of the suggestions. Literally I’m on the verge of quitting the game. I play for relaxation n fun n renovation n not to get stuck on one level n earn 2-3 stars on minor tasks. I’m stuck on level 508 n no way out. The game depends so much on the combination of pieces randomly generated. Sometimes it’s takes weeks to accomplish one level n then one day you’ll get good combination n the level will be complete in less number of moves. There should be easy way out n more options to earn bonuses n power ups
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    Excellent Ideas!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by AD94 View Post
    Hi, I really enjoy this game but I think there are a few tweaks that could improve it

    On the hard level we could receive 2 stars instead of 1, because sometimes I can spend days trying to solve it.
    Alternatively, we could trade a star we already have for 5 extra moves

    On things that require two steps, it’s a lot to ask for 4 stars, i.e. fixing the kitchen floor, why would someone fix half of it, then the other half.
    Sometimes it gets boring trying to get more and more stars for small jobs, could you reevaluate the amount of stars required on these jobs?

    Finally, to star a new day requires a star which I think isn’t particularly fair, it’s not our choice, it’s what the game requires.

    Thank you for viewing this post and taking these thoughts into consideration

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    For the contests...if you're playing at the harder 1200+ levels...I think it's unfair that you are taken down a level if you fail to finish in top tier of finishers. I bet most of the top tier finishers are at much lower, easier levels.

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    I'm a level 203 and it's taking me a long time to get there, I feel that we should get more than one point for each game. I mean after all some of these that I was extremely hard takes forever to get through them sometimes it's so frustrating then I walk away for a week and even think about getting rid of the game also I've been trying to get out of the kitchen for example. First you have to replace all their appliances and the wallpaper is Roy ugly there should be more choices in that they have to replace the floors also to be just one not two floors then you have to put the windows in then the curtains it just keeps going you can't seem to get out of the room. I mean I thought the purpose of the game is so that we can decorate the rooms of this mansion instead I have to get aggravated because you don't get enough points for each game and you do not get enough coins at all. I don't know if this helps but to make the game more enjoyable and not aggravating I think that most of these customers would agree with me when I say that it supposed to be fun and not frustrating thank you

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