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Thread: Improvement Ideas

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    Hey I know what you mean and I agree with you play hard love them and you get like 57 coins and one point it's ridiculous we should get more coins and I think at one point should be all you need to get the next test done I just wrote it alone whatever you call it.

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    Estoy de acuerdo 👍👍💟

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    The supwr hard levels SUCK. They serve no purpose but to bring any and progress to a grinding HALT. I HATE these levels and am this close to just deleting the game entirely. Make super hard OPTIONAL.
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    Lose the gramophones! Not crazy about the alarm clocks either. The timed levels is why I no longer play Fishdom. These games are an escape, and need to be enjoyable, not stressful...nor expensive for that matter.

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    I enjoy this game a lot! It’s pretty much all I play. However, why make it hard to move on to the next room in the house? Also, Hearts- 30 mins?! Stars? It’s like pulling teeth to get stars to play. Wait time for new hearts is insane. I would like to see some improvement on not making it so difficult to get the stars to complete goals to move on to the next rooms. This game is amazing and the developers are smart to create such a fun and addictive game. But some people don’t have the money to purchase packages to achieve and complete levels. I took the time I register into this forum because I really like this game but the amount of work players have to put into it just to complete goals and earn hearts and stars is insane. Literally. Give the players a free star when they complete the super hard levels at least! It takes either money which most don’t have or 20 tries to complete some of them. Which they run out of hearts and tools they need to complete these levels and that turns people away!

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    Allow Boosters That Appear To Be Played

    It's not fair to have to pay additional coins when boosters are all over the board but your frozen out from using them. If they appear let us use them without charging more coins.

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    It's ridiculous that it takes 3 stars or more to complete tasks in the story. I am on level 289 and the story and home improvements go too slowly.

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    A lot of good stuff in this thread. I’m only on level 75 right now and have been for almost an entire week! I’ve tried using boosters at the start of the level and that turns out to be worthless most of the time. I usually get the furthest in the level without boosters at the start. What frustrates me the most though is when you are out of moves and boosters are left in the board right by the piece you need to take out and the remaining boosters don’t activate. I would have moved past several levels much quicker if this were the case.

    Please, for the love of all things, make it so remaining boosters activate when you’re out of moves before the level starts over.

    Also, I second everything in here. Stars to start a new day, stupid! Multiple stars for tasks not related to the actual renovation of the house, stupid. 1 star for super hard levels, stupid.

    Make things eventual not impossible!

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    I would love to see better rewards (particularly in stars) for harder levels. If easy (which isn’t always easy by the way) is worth one star then each step harder should equal another star reward (hard = 2 stars, very hard = 3). Also, more coins for completing levels. You shouldn’t have to spend a bunch of money to progress through the game. Make it enjoyable for those of us who can’t spend our hard earned cash on a game.

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    It would be nice to make some items optional in the game. For example, if I don’t want to put a big bronze statue of a motorcycle in the front yard, I could just decline to do so and use my stars for the next thing. I shouldn’t be required to place every last ugly thing in a room or area because the developers want it there.

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