I enjoy the game and keep progressing--though some rounds are easier than others!

I do like the idea of the contests/prizes. However, because of doing well, I ended up having nearly eight hours of free play in a row. It was very frustrating and I ended up walking away from a lot of hours because I couldn't devote that time right then.

Rather than having to use the lives right away, can we save them in half-hour increments perhaps? With a maximum of ten hours saved or something if you find it needs to be minimized? That way I can take advantage of the prizes and won't feel as frustrated by doing well and then being unable to use the lives. Or if we are unable to use the time, can we trade it in for a pack of more boosters? Either way would make me happier about the "win" and being able to use them.

The second idea is a potential "prize" or "booster" which is a do-over one! A lot of times I make a move and spot another, better one just after I make the move. Perhaps having an undo for one move would be a helpful booster?

Thanks for the fun time!