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Thread: Lobster Tail - A Fishy Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renee Eve View Post
    Fishermen’s Isle is at Level 2 with a 1% increase in lobster tails - and yet haven’t seen any in weeks.

    I used whatever ingots were needed for Fishermen’s Isle to become Level 2. When you use the ingots to become a Level 2 then you get a +1% increase for lobster tails. While I have also used whatever ingots were needed for the other islands to become level 2, I haven’t had any problems with the more rare items dropping frequently. It is the lobster tails at Fishermen’s Isle which have become non-existent for me. I have sent my ships out every day and in the past 5 weeks I have only received 1 lobster tail in all that time. Please let me know if I’m not explaining myself properly.

    The upshot is: I have not received any lobster tails in 5 weeks, even though I have Fishermen’s Isle at Level 2 with a +1% increase in lobster tails it does not seem to be working.
    Hello Renee Eve,

    To be honest I don't think there's a glitch or something like that. When you upgrade an island to level 2 with increasing the probability to get a rare item to only + 1 % we shouldn't forget that this means increasing a probability from very rare/almost not to happen to a level plus 1 % - that's almost nothing. The sense of doing those upgrades had been discussed here several times in the past. My key limes are e.g. already upgraded to a probability of + 5 % but still I see them very rarely. I guess you only will see a real difference once you have upgraded to + 10 % or more (I must admit I don't know the current limit for upgrading because I'm more interested in reducing time for the boats)
    So the only thing you can do to have a 100 % guarantee for getting lobsters is to load a platinum ingot DIRECTLY onto your boat before sending it out (this is not an upgrade, but the option "add an ingot" after tapping on the "fit out ship" button. Then you see the circles DD is referring to.

    I hope this could help, have a nice day, Lea
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    Hi Renee Eve

    See this POST explaining what percentage of each product we can receive without ingot/by adding ingot. You will notice that your basic chance of getting a lobster is only 25 % so, adding an upgrade of 1% is not very significant.

    One thing you do not mention either is if you send only 1 ship to the island or if you send your 4 ships at the same time. Many players have seen an increase of the third product when they send their 4 ships to the same island. BUT, the only way to be 100% sure of getting the third product is by adding ingots to our ship. Even when the islands are fully upgraded. We can increase our probability only by 10%, which means 35% for lobster.

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    Hi Renee Eve,

    In addition to the post that Graylady provided, the Township Wiki has an excellent write-up on the Ships and Islands, click HERE

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    i usually have to send a platinum or gold to get lobster my fishermans isle is level 12 i think

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    Random is just random, unless it's either 0 or 100 %.

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