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Thread: Lost my town

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    Lost my town

    I got a new a new iPad and I can't get my town it won't me to start over even after I connected it to my face book. I got all my other games but I can't get township back and I won't stat over it sucks I like that game but was to far to start over . I have done everything they have told me to to .HELP

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    hi Teresa,

    don't panic I wonder who "they" told you anything? Did you follow the steps described here:

    and are your former and new device compatible for the game?

    A much unknown thing seems to be that one has to play through the tutorial; did you get there?
    I seem to recall having read it's 5 levels.

    Also, the order in which one downloads and connects seems to be important (what one has to do first). I hope the description in the link will help with that.

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