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Thread: level 86

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    level 86

    been on this level for 3weeks no, walkthrough no help and only to be able to sharpen the axe, need 2 stars for something stupid like that, pffff frustrating !!!

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    I'm stuck on this level too. Got no help, no walkthrough, no advice on how to collect those stupid flowers. The YouTube video is not helpful. I'm very frustrated! Need help!!

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    Me three...every time I try using one of the 3 main power ups, it doesn’t help me get closer to completing the level...the closest I’ve come to completion is while not using any power up.
    The only thing I can think of, is to try and collect several of each of the shovel, rake & glove power ups that don’t use up moves, and try to use those...
    If anybody sees this thread please let us know if that’s a viable strategy...

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