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Thread: Community Building supply glitches

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    Community Building supply glitches

    I am noticing that every time a train comes in with supplies my numbers for glass for example go up one day then down the next. And i have several buildings that are being worked on and its been almost a month and nothing is getting accomplished and the numbers are still staying at 3 and 4 no matter how much supplies the train brings. Seperate from this i have noticed a time glitch as well since the update.

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    There’s your problem, Butterflybys, you’ve confused the algorithm by building more than one community building at once. It actually works out quicker if you do them one at a time, because your trains can tell what supplies you need. They’re not averse to holding you to ransom for the last couple of bits, tho, hoping you’ll spend tcash to get them.

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    I agree with Bess, there's no glitch in CB supplies.

    I've experienced the same problem at lower level when I couldn't finish one community building and then leveled up and built another community building and couldn't finished that one either..... The best practice suggested in this forum is finish one CB then start building another one .... one at a time..... Your train will give you enough CB materials for you to finish each CB. One at a time.... I'm selling CB supplies all the time to free up my barn, and I have two CB left to be built.

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