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Thread: How Can I Get In Touch With Leader of Special Co-op?

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    How Can I Get In Touch With Leader of Special Co-op?

    Hi all,

    after reparation of my iPads broken display and upgrade to new iOS at the beginning of this month my previous iPad is defect and I’ve lost all data, also my Township City (Level 89, Zoo Level 41) I don‘t have anymore.

    I already contacted Township, regarding town and bought cash I‘ve lost.
    As I got no answer yet, I decided to start from scratch.

    I was also Senator of a great and fun co-op (Seas the Moment, Coop-Tag: #SE6HJM, Language EN, by request, Leader ~*Lauries Land*~).

    Coming to level 19, I tried hard with any idea I had, to get in touch with my co-op (mode by request) , cause they don‘t know whats happening with me. I suddenly was gone without any note... in the middle of a regatta being on the way to 1st place...

    The question now is: Does anybody know how I can get it touch with ~*Lauries Land*~ or with one of the other seven members???
    Maybe somebody knows ~*Lauries Land*~, the co-op or the members and can give them a message of me.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Hi, I just happened on your post, I know you cant contact any coop until level 19 and then fixing your coop. I can see the coop your talking about by searching through the coops by name, I've been looking at other coops to join so I was curious. I cant join until I leave my current one, what's that one like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasMo View Post
    Coming to level 19, I tried hard with any idea I had, to get in touch with my co-op (mode by request) ,
    hi dasMo,

    so, can you request to join? (did you fix your Coop building?)

    If not, can you try to become friends with your Coop leader and/or the 7 members?
    what doesn't work?

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    Hi DD and Krystyn,

    Unfortunately I can‘t become Friends with them. With none of them.
    My co-op building is fixed and I built an own co-op.
    How could I request to join the co-op Seas the Moment?

    I dont know what happened to my previous city at the co-op. Probably they had to ban me from the co-op.

    As I was invited to the co-op I also had do give up my own one.

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    Go to your coop and hit the SEARCH tab then type the name of the coop at the top

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    There are 2 with that name, yours is the first one

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    after you click on it there should a button that says JOIN

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    I know gave up my own one searched again for the co-op and pressend on the Button Join (in german is it Beitreten) and I got an info that my Level is to low (requested Level is 50).

    I think I could only join by being invited.

    My invited code is: V3HJR8
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    I think I have to wait until I am near to level 50...

    That makes me sad, that I can‘t get in contact with them ...

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    Then they need to lower the entry level for you; I believe, even if they invite you.
    Why can you not become friends with any of them?
    Are they all full??

    (not that it solves the problem immediately, but then you could f.e. change your town name to something saying "it's me, xx" and send them a balloon)

    Du kannst auch in Deutsch antworten, wenn's das einfacher macht.

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