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Thread: Why Do All The Roads Not End?

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    Lol, Kitty, and there was me thinking I was being so helpful, hahaha! That’ll teach me not to zoom in on the pics

    I agree, it’s far from an ideal solution, tho I do sometimes actually want the gradual tapering off effect too, so changing it wholesale wouldn’t perfectly suit me either. Imo, the entire collection of roads, paths, landscapes, bridges etc could do with a bit of an overhaul. I’d love a gravel effect in addition to sand, for example. But hey ho, there we go.

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    Sorry I like the gradual taper on the dirt road it fits well with my farming area The rest of my paved roads all connect so I never noticed the finished look I totally agree WE NEED a fresh look to the roads. Would also like a path way so I do not have to use the large squares in areas of my town makes it look so uninviting especially in my them park area.

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    LOL worries!

    I agree with both you and Barbguinn that we need more road options! And of course you are right that changing the end of the road in the way I suggested would upset those who prefer it the way it is.

    And Barb, I feel the same about the pedestrian pathways! I wish there was an option that wasn’t a giant square that completely obscured the ground underneath it.

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    I am not asking how to end these roads, I am asking why they are open ended. I would like to have them end like the other roads to.

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    Agree the the cobbles look a bit odd at the end but a dirt path or whatever you want to call it wouldnt really have a nice neat edge to the end in real life

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