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Thread: You are scammers

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    You are scammers

    You are scammers, you always make us loose levels so we have always to pay money to be able to beat those levels.
    I think we must sue playrix legally

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    totally agree with you...

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    You don't have to play... And you can't sue a business for setting up motivation for you to purchase a product. The basic game is free. You didn't pay to start playing so they didn't scam you out of anything.

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    No, that is not true...It's through Microsoft. they are offering a service and you can't play this game without buying something..I expect to get what I purchased and I expect customer service to correct this..they sure can be sued..with a Class Action

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    I have not paid any money out in order to play... im on level need patience, thats all!
    Playrix want players to spend in order to speed up their progress through the game, but its totally unnecessary.
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    ^Exactly. Patience and strategy. It's a game. Chill out.

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