One of my "Wish List" Items would be Expanding/Adding League Levels and computing closer matches....

Maybe make the leagues go like this;

Wooden League
- 6 Tasks
- 3 Rewards

Copper League
- 8 Tasks
- 4 Rewards

Steel League
- 10 Tasks
- 5 Rewards

Silver League
- 12 Tasks
- 6 Rewards

Golden League
- 14 Tasks
- 7 Rewards
*If you win, you get golden Award - Legendary Yachtsman

Diamond League
- 16 Tasks
- 8 Rewards
* if you win you get a NEW, Diamond Achievement

Platinum League
- 18 Tasks
- 9 Rewards
* if you win you get a NEW, Platinum Achievement

Titanium League
- 20 Tasks
- 10 Rewards
* if you win you get a NEW, Titanium Achievement

- If a team gets a PERFECT SCORE in the Titanium League, have a "Perfection" Achievement"

As far as computing who plays who, I think you people are brilliant enough to come up with a formula that takes into consideration teams that are "PAYING" to win vs those who are still "Playing for Fun" or something in between.

People are trying to get a "Leg Up" on the competition by delayed starts, etc.... But a better matching system based on a rating would make that less effective.

A rating system that takes into consideration things like;
- Overall money spent to complete regatta
- Speed regatta was completed in
- # or racers
- Average Level of Racers
- # of Non-Racers (Sometimes helpers)

To REALLY make this effective, you might need to have people register 12 hours ahead of the start and lock them in so that you can make the races as equal and competitive as possible.....

I dunno, you guys are the pro's. Just some of my thoughts....

All we want is a fun, fair, race against our "peers", right?

Thanks for Listening!!!