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Thread: Add Symbol If Requesting Help In Regatta

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    Add Symbol If Requesting Help In Regatta

    Hi Townshippers

    I was thinking it would be helpful for me if there was a way to show when coop members request help if it is for a regatta task so that you can easily and quickly prioritise helping rather than having to click into “my town needs help” to find out if train or plane then go to regatta board to check if their task is plane or trains. Requesting help within the chat might be more difficult as the Township system would need to know mining tools for mine task, what helicopters require at that time, current hot products at zoo which are different for everyone, what else planes/trains needs, etc. Maybe the player could tick a box to notify others, this request is towards regatta tasks. I’m happy to still help if not regatta task too but it would be more helpful to prioritise regatta tasks first.

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    that sounds complicated - why not just talk about all this in chat? you can ask all that / they can tell all that in chat; that's the advantage of being in a Coop vs friends request: we can talk with each other
    Not everyone is playing the regattas, btw, so there would have to be a lot more considered for being 'optional' and being turned off again, I guess.

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    We use chat for this.

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    The difficulty of our chat is that we have worldwide team and due to different time zones we can not always see all of the chat as often been over 99 posts by time you come back on. This information is available it just takes up time to search so a tag, just like a little star would be easy or tick to say for regatta, if not in regatta, you wouldn't have to use it.

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    I think it could end up being a source of conflict anyway, as some people would inevitably claim something was for a task when it wasn’t. Unless you mean in would flag it automatically? Anyway, if I’m in two minds about giving something, which isn’t often, I just check the task board to see who is doing what.

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