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Thread: How Many Tools Needed For 20 Clay Task?

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    Thanks for the break down of tools Charlie, very interesting. I am unable to ignore ore when doing clay tasks, it's just to precious .

    I think looking at your data as well that I often do a clay task with insufficient TNT and Dynamite which obviously impacts how many picks I use.

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    Thank you for sharing that info Cdsor, and for taking the time to compile the stats.
    I guess the tools needed will vary according to how we mine as well.

    I'm the same Downton, the ore is too precious to leave behind.
    Hence I have lots of good job it isnt in barn lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saku View Post
    I did these 16 135pt Clay tasks which required each 20 clay.
    I prepared almost 2 weeks by buying mostly from dealer pickaxes and dynamite. In this period i didnt use them.

    I used "see the ligth" booster on first 13 tasks, then by average need of tools were 158 pickaxe, 23 dynamite and 12 tnt, without booster a littlebit more 172-34-16. In mining proccess i collected them 24-6-6 back per task.

    By the end i am very rich with ore, i collected 595 bronze, 354 silver, 278 gold, 146 platinum and 240300coins+46tcash

    The thing with the clay is that you can see them without using the light coupon. I just went down and got those and used a lot of dynamite getting me from one side of the mine to the other. Of course I did pick up a lot of ore doing this, but I was mainly looking for clay to get the task completed as soon as I could.

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