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Thread: A couple of thoughts

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    A couple of thoughts

    Hi. I absolutely love this game. It's one of my 2 go to games. But, a couple of things I'd really like to discuss. Firstly, that weird light streak that rolls across the screen is horrendous. It makes my eyes feel odd. Really dislike it.
    Secondly, when you get dynamite or the yellow circle how come they only break one chain or take one layer of tiles? A bomb does that. Surely dynamite is more dangerous? Just doesn't feel very realistic in terms of damage caused.
    Another vote for pausing your unlimited lives and also to interact with the fish. They ask you a question or start a joke and that's it...
    Finally, when there is a pearl competition on... Goldflipper is always in the way! He always seems to be in front of whatever I need to move. Plus he's got a really bad, passive aggressive attitude. I don't like him at all.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts.

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    I agree with your comment on Goldflipper and even the sleeping fish. They always seem to be where I am trying to move a purchase. It would be nice if we could drag them out of the way with our finger. I now go to another tank and wait for Gold Flipper to appear in that tank. When he does, I quickly go back to the tank I'm working on and make my moves before he returns. It should be easier!

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