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    28.04 The Newest Update Decor!

    Hello, everyone! 🎀✨

    Many of you have already noticed this awesome decoration in the new version of the game:

    ⛽ Oil Well.

    Also, don't miss out on a special bonus:

    🚕 Side Parking Lot.

    Post the screenshots of the newly purchased decor below! 🌅👇

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    This will probably end up in Moderation, but I thought the oil well worked best in this scene:

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    I’m not good with pics but I’ve used the side parking lot along by the burger factory to act as a drive through
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    This makes the 3rd street parking decoration smh... need better decorations. Street lights, cafe tables, lemonade stand, hair salon, more flowers and trees, better benches 🤗

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