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Thread: Tech Question: Larger-Screen Devices, But Compatible With Kindle

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    Question Tech Question: Larger-Screen Devices, But Compatible With Kindle

    Here goes: a dumb tech question from a newbie on a Kindle Fire. I want to introduce my 80+ yo mom to Township; I know she would love it. She needs a screen that is larger than my Kindle though, and she does. not. want. to get a Facebook account. I'd like to be able to communicate in-game with her.

    She has a generic laptop. Should I buy her a tablet? If so, what features/specifications do I need to look for? (I haven't purchased a tablet before)

    Thank you; my enjoyment of this game has increased because of the Forum.

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    Kindle, iOS and Android devices can all play township together, so they’re all ok for you to choose between. My 89yr old mother in law loves her iPad, and finds it very easy to use, so I think you’re right to look at a tablet. I wonder whether you’d do best with an Android, since that’s the operating system you’re used to..? Anyhoo, re specs:
    The minimum system requirements for the game are listed below. Please bear in mind that they may change in the future if program modifications are introduced to the game.
    - 1GB of RAM.
    - iOS 8.0, Android OS 4.0.3 and later.
    - 500 MB of free space.
    - stable internet connection.

    Quoted from

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    Bessville, thank you for the prompt and helpful reply. Looks like I'll be tablet-shopping for Mother's Day.

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    I play on pc, and I don't use facebook. Without fb, I have a max friends of 50 which come from within game itself. If I opted to use fb, the number of friends would increase, but that is so not worth it to me.

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