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Thread: Co-op Going For Special Achievement: Helicopter

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    Co-op Going For Special Achievement: Helicopter

    EDIT: Until wiki implements these, I have given the community information on what special achievements are, how they work, and a co-op table lining out the goals for each week. Playrix, I have noticed a lot of our community is unaware of these, a pop up just to advertise this could help.

    I welcome you all and invite you to join our story time adventure. I began this post with the hopes of finding secret tips and tricks, but has morphed into something far greater! I will be posting one time a day the events and chat from our co op in a special way: Delivering a story filled with adventure, struggle, and fantasy. Something that would want you to come back to see what happens next. I won't be too extreme, use specific names, and look forward to your responses. This is partially realistic with a twist meaning the more input I get, could change the story at any given time.

    We just started the season and we decided as a group to do Helicopter a week ago. We need 500 completed tasks by the end of the season. With 20 people doing a helicopter task once each day per member we could accomplish this. We began our preparation the whole inter seasonal regatta, making posts, informing our members, educating to everyone what this is to begin with (one thought I was making this up for fun), and planning on how to take turns. TASK Leaders were selected to help our leadership with the task dumping process.

    Day 1: We begin early, nearly half of our members online at 8am getting ready for work/families. Excited to start, we all begin dumping low point tasks, a few get reserved, and a few taken to wait for the first wave of members to get a task. Then some trouble arise almost instantly, a storm quickly followed the yacht. I saved tCash for refreshing in weeks past, but this was scary when it happened. For the first 6 hours we have seen 3 helicopter tasks and have spent in combination ~500 tCash, refreshing as often as possible.

    This just feels a little wrong in order to complete a special achievement. Pay to win? (I edited this section so you don't freak out like I did) My original thoughts have proven wrong! As long as you remain consistent with dumping tasks not needed and regularly watch your ads, the daily tCash generated by a couple of players to refresh tasks will not go into negative numbers while saving a few hours total from the cool down timers. We then break off, most online going to work and the TASK Leaders preparing to get more helicopter tasks on deck.

    Heading into the evening things were eerie, hitting 66% of our daily goal, but spending so much money took a toll on moral. Some members spoke about this being too hard as some others talked about how what a different change from the usual race this has become. As for everyone aboard we look to be still in a positive state.

    The Moon starts to welcome us with its presence. At Midnight I took a look at our daily numbers: 27/500 "The hardest part done and we are going a little faster than expected." Do I think back on the rough waters we just sailed through. To know our boat didn't just sink near the rocks was a sign that we needed to push forward. The crew is safe and gathering to their sleeping chambers. We take down our sail and begin to sleep. We all will follow our Captain without question. For me however, I would not be here if it was not for her. I will follow her to the end of the Earth. <3
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    Nobody knows the exact probability of any given task appearing. If there is such a number, the developers are not revealing it.

    Simple arithmetic says that you will need a golden league coop of at least 8 people doing nothing but heli tasks (of any point value) for 4 weeks straight. Other leagues will need more players due to the ability to do less than 16 tasks. Larger coops can do other tasks, for example a 30 person coop will need to average 4.1 heli tasks per person each week. A higher average will let you accomplish it in less than 4 weeks.

    That's a lot of heli tasks and would take quite a bit of luck to do. It might be kinder if Playrix simply offered the pretty icon frames for sale.
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    What is this special achievement task you’re doing?

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    It's for a special coop badge.

    You can only see progress on those tasks if you're leader/co-leader, I think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuurvl View Post
    It's for a special coop badge.

    You can only see progress on those tasks if you're leader/co-leader, I think?
    Oh yes! You might be right as you only see them when being in the "edit mode" of your co-op badge.

    You won't be able to enter this mode without having the permission.

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    Tossing and turning I awoke from my sleep. I tried to understand what went wrong in the beginning. I start to ponder my thoughts...

    We are a little ahead of the progress. In the first 24 hours we managed to get 27 tasks done giving us a +2. I like it. Cost us a lot of cash to do it, but we're doing it... I can't give you any numbers on how many helicopters may cone per hour dumping with no tCash to refresh... We just have too many members voluntarily refreshing them even when I asked not to. lol. and I'm not going to force it on us since after all, we ARE going for one of the harder ones.

    It all boils down to this: Getting the tasks done is the easiest part. Dumping enough tasks to get those "25" each day to pop up is strictly based on luck, your time in game (being able to dump every 5-10 minutes, refreshing all the 1-2 tCash tasks, and checking on the hour the progress of the "board state". Co op dumped tasks on day 1: 550 / Helicopters appeared: 27 times. We don't have a night squad, we all are day people. Can't get our dumped tasks to 1k a day.... we tried. (how do the top co ops dump 6k tasks on avg?) That's serious cash, or I don't get it.

    Never in my time playing have I saw so many 135's that we want to do, but literally abandon because its not what we want. It's a very weird feeling that has me going on an emotional roller coaster. I apologize for the initial freak out, I'm better than that.

    On a side note: 8am-12:30am (16.5 hrs) I did some rough estimate. Day 1 our co op dumped roughly 500 tasks, roughly 25 helicopters appeared. Leads me to believe that helicopters have a 5% chance of appearing. does this sound accurate to anyone else that does statistics in game? So much yet to be revealed and we only have just begun. Maybe a cabin isn't where I want to be. I chose to come above deck and looked around. Night crew is keeping on course, and the TASK Leader at the helm tells me to take comfort. Pointing to a rear boat filled with life jackets in the back, I fell quickly back to sleep.
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    Huh, I'm a co-leader and never noticed this before, so thanks for pointing it out! But where do you see it? I click Edit on the badge and see the locked ones but I don't know how to get them. That said, I don't think we'll be changing our badge, so I don't think it would be worthwhile for us to coordinate these types of tasks. If it happens, it happens.
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    To view each one in detail These are the steps only a leader or co-leader can do:

    1: Go to your co-op building and click edit on your banner.

    2: Click on either the Badge or the Trim and start scrolling to the last 10 I believe (18-28). One each one hold your finger down on that selected item and it will tell you how to achieve it, and your whole co-op's progress in real time.

    3: Cancel out and don't save so you don't spam the chat with "(Player) changed the co op settings." every time you check.

    But yea, for preparation it takes effort and communication on everyone's part. You can't find out who completed what, only the total number completed. Here is our example of the prep post involved with this one.

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    HERE you can find a list i posted with all the new badges and requirements, if it helps.

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    you have to hold your finger on the badge then an explanation will come up on how to unlock.

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