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Thread: Loading Old Friends

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    Loading Old Friends

    I have played Township on an old iPad and I didn.t play in the cloud. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the Co- op. Now I have a new device and I play in the cloud. Unfortunately I can’t find my friends anymore because I forgot the co- op’s name.
    It’s just a pitty that you can’t find people by their players’ name. Is there no solution to find my friends back?

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    If i understand correctly, you started a new town on the new device? So you don't have any of your old friends in the friend list?

    To find specific players (not the co-op) you'd have to knwo their invite code, since a lot of towns have the same name, and you couldn't know who is who. If you don't have any other means to contact them (fb, message group, ...) i'm afraid i don't have other suggestions.

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