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Thread: Shorter Regattas

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    Shorter Regattas

    I’d love to see shorter regattas. 5 days is too long. Most people are over it by the 3.5 - 4 day mark! Can they either be 3 days or have an option to choose a 3 or 5 day regatta? Then coops can decide which they’ll do..... ☺️👌

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    You could delay your start time, you could make it into a 3 day race that way.
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    Jodi, The time a co op can complete a regatta is fixed for everyone. I suggested a while back that we should have 2 team regattas in place of the one interseasonal regatta. One high score combined with a low scoring co-op. During this 2 team week we should be given one "sharing goods" booster and have our chat box combined with the other regatta for that week.

    For the regatta race itself, we would be ranked by points, not participating members. Keep it variable as no one knows who their team co-op would be. I wish we had information from the developers on how often specific boosters are being used. Promote the under appreciated ones or change them to where they are a viable asset to the player.

    We get to talk and play with other teams working together for a common goal.
    We can have access to more people sharing and helping teams that would otherwise struggle
    It grants the possibility of team mergers, which Playrix is trying to accomplish. Having larger teams, not the avg 3 person co-op.
    Allows more people to make friends; gives us an additional outlet to find them too seeing how the social media update ruined our friends.
    I could think of more, if needed.

    a co op can no longer play alone.
    one co op may bully the other.

    (And if I am correct, you could report abusive behavior on the forum) So this should never get out of control.

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