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Thread: Earth Day Deco + T-Cash Offer (Merged Thread)

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    Mine is 860 tcash + deco for $19.99 US...30% off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPom View Post
    Today i got the Earth Day Special Offer. My offer was $42.99 for 840 tc plus the mini farm. Great offer I thought then I looked over at my wife’s game and she gets the offer as well but hers is for 1100 tc for the same money. What a rip off. Please explain this robbery Playrix.
    I think it has to do with if you buy tcash and for how much. I use to never buy tcash cuz I was satisfied with getting 4-5 video ads every hour so I made plenty of tcash. Well last year I made the mistake of buying tcash cuz a VERY GOOD DEAL came up that I couldn’t pass. Biggest mistake cuz now my video ads are 2 a day so I decided to buy a big tcash package and now I only get high price deals. My recommendation is not to buy the big ackages cuz it’s a rip off and you’ll never get a good deal again. I’ve done this for over a year. It’s still the same. But I love the game and playrix definitely knows how to rips us off.

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