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Thread: Interview with Marcelle aka Graylady

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    Hey GrayLady! Loved reading your interview! You have helped me immensely thank-You

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    Hi Marcelle,

    Finally! Fantastic interview, only much too short. And a marvellous portrait, you're looking exactly like I pictured you.

    Many, many thanks for you always having been there to help us – no matter how silly or repeatedly our seek for help might have been.
    Your widespread knowledge you share with us, always smart and cheerful, make you truly unique.

    OBTW: Your like-count is now at 13.997

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    Lovely interview! Thank you for sharing, Graylady!

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    So happy to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing.
    You have been very helpful to me and our Co-Op during some very trying times as a Leader & Player. Thank You
    Without you this Game / Forum would not work as well as it does. The number of people you have responded to with comments in the Forum must be staggering. I have a feeling you help way more Players than you even know. I know I don't respond to every helpful thing I read, and I don't think I'm an exception. So there are litterally Thousands more you are unaware of that you are a HERO too.......
    Very much looking forward to another 1,

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    Well worth a read, and what a lovely portrait indeed. Hmmmm... a garden with hummingbirds... Oh I could grow old in one, without that ever growing old.

    Thank you!

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    Very nice to meet you grey lady. Nice to learn about other players similar to me. I am a 73 year old retired woman. Thank you so much for sharing. You sound like someone I'd like to know

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    It's about time Playrix has acknowledged Graylady! I'm sure she has kept a lot of players playing the game, including me. She is always one of the first people to respond to someone with a question in the forums. Continuely referring new players to the "what can't be done" and other areas. One of the best things she pointed me to was the wiki link for Township". Helped me in so many ways to understanding the game and learning to be patient and not get to frustrated with the game.
    Want to thank Graylady for all she has done for the game! Maybe Township can give her t-cash in the amount of how many days she has played the game!

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    Where is the Gray Lady INTERVIEW?

    Where is the Gray Lady INTERVIEW? All I can find is this photo of her and other players responses to the “interview”. I expected there to be tips on playing the game better. What am I missing?

    QuiltLady, alias Scooby-Doo Ville.
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    Hi Quilt - there are - according to my iPad - 4 pages in this thread. It may vary depending on what device you use. Above these comments do you see something along the lines of Page 1 of 4? ...go to the beginning...her interview is the very first post on this thread.

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    So nice to finally read your interview Graylady, and to see you too. Lovely! And thank you for all the time and effort you've put in over the years!

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