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Thread: 20.04 Your Booster Tips Wanted

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    20.04 Your Booster Tips Wanted

    Hello, everyone! πŸ’–πŸ‘‹

    Turn your scientist mode on and shoot us some LAB BOOSTERS TIPS! πŸ“‘πŸ’‘ The best ones will be featured in our tutorials!

    Comment away, guys!

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    Hurry planes, hurry boats, hurry trains, double the ore found in mines, dealer always gives best deal possible with no haggling, increase likelihood of gem or zoo build supplies as rewards at zoo, increase build or barn upgrade supplies on trains, all treasure chests in balloons and mine free for 2 days, animals produce products faster, increase amount of goods received on ships, 2 day time period on the edit menu holding box for purposes of redesigning areas.

    That’s a start lol

    ....errr nvm, rereading leads me to infer you wanted tips for existing boosters rather than tips for the creation of new boosters.... more’s the pity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garvamatic View Post

    That’s a start lol

    Mood: deflated
    aww nah, don't! I also thought they wanted ideas for new ones. Just more for this video stuff?! aww...

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    Some hopefully useful advice:

    Boosters are paid for in costly gems, so whenever you can get one without spending gems, like during events or from the yacht club, go for it!

    Boosters have a limited duration, so plan when you activate one to get the most out of it!

    When employing boosters, aim for synergy - it's always better to hit two flies with one stone, than just one fly. For example when you use a crop booster to finish a regatta task for crops faster, use it as well to complete one or more of the "record harvest" achievement for t-cash!
    Blue trashcan: dumping has no effect on current race, only deducts points from Global score (Global Leaderboard etc.)
    Red trashcan: DON'T USE unless you really wish to lose those points in your race!

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    purple ones are the rare ones, could not be bought by gems.

    combo of booster:
    to earn coins: double heli coins+market refresh faster+production time -30%

    to use smelting booster: only activate at 3 foundries
    at least 350 bronze ores (net hourly loss 2*3*5 - 13 = 17) + 100 silver ores (net hourly loss 2) +100 gold ores (net hourly loss 3*5* 2/3 - 9 = 1) + 50 platnium ores
    write down the order of upgrades you want to save some thinking time of what to upgrade next.

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    Use zoo booster with earn hearts task in regatta to earn double hearts and earn more cash and xp.

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    The animal booster i thought was for feeding the animals but its for doubling the product. Why? there is no task for yielding with the animals

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    Quote Originally Posted by prince international View Post
    The animal booster i thought was for feeding the animals but its for doubling the product. Why? there is no task for yielding with the animals
    Are you referring to the Advanced Farming (animals produce twice as much) booster? That can be very useful when doing collect x products from animals, like milk, eggs, bacon, honey, feathers, wool.

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    One of the purple* boosters, profitable flight, says filling plane crates earnes you twice as much coins.
    Now this sounds lame. But it's more than it seems.
    First, filling crates means all crates from everybody, not only yours, second, the booster takes your upgrades into account, so if you let's say have your dairy on 20 % coins, every dairy plane request will give you 20 % on top of the 100 %.
    Adds up nicely into your coins-count.

    *The purple's are rare because only to win. On the other hand everybody has 2 or 3 of them by now ... No one ever used them, lol
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