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Thread: 19.04 Spend the Day with Ernie!

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    19.04 Spend the Day with Ernie!

    Hey, everyone! 🌹πŸ’₯
    Township's very own Ernie has decided to pay our team a visit at the office! πŸ’’πŸ’‘πŸ‘‹ Watch our new video to spend the day with Ernie! Check out our official YouTube channel for more asTOWNishing videos! 🎬 πŸ”₯

    Would you guys like to meet our hero in person? Then don’t miss out on the contest on our Facebook page πŸ“·πŸ€
    How awesome is that?

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    Anna, say hello to Liza for me. The video would have been much more interesting with some dialog. Just music was rather dull.

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    This video is really nice.

    Really nice sneak peek into what the Playrix office looks like. I like the vibe of the place, and the people that work there- it takes people to add soul to any place. Oh and that coffee machine, one of my clients has exactly one of those and I love visiting them just because of the AMAZING coffee that machine makes.

    And the little sleeping caves, now those are intriguing. They're for powernaps right? Your office sure looks like a great place to work at.

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    oops, just noticed hardly any echo here (no offense, Nana!! just remember: me foreigner!) - so, agree with Vuurvl's positive view (although I have no idea about that coffee machine; hey, can I come and test it somewhere?!) and found it a very cute idea!

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    Whatever you just said, DD . So, is it Earnie or Ernie? Confused now.

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    Earnie is what Playrix do - earn money

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    Hi guys!

    Thank you for watching the video and for sharing your feedback Stay tuned, as there are definitely more to come!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Anna, say hello to Liza for me.
    I did. She said hi too! She also asked me to tell you, that she loved the word 'blurple', you two have been using, so much, she even dyed her hair that

    Have a great day, everyone!


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    Anna, I actually love her hair now - it was too severe before. Who knew β€œblurple” could be so trendy!
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    Sorry but I was disappointed with this video.
    The title is " Spend a DAY" so are we to assume that it takes Ernie all day to say hello and make a coffee.
    I was looking forward to seeing how a day pans out at Playrix hq.
    That said it is nice to see the staff.

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