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    Master Akira

    Master Akira is wise beyond his years but he can't form a sentence, PLEASE STOP!!!! Asian people do not talk like this.

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    Wow I actually made an account for this forum to say exactly this.
    The entire Master Akira/Asian garden section of the game is so racist! Old Asian men don’t speak like Yoda, there isn’t anything mysterious or mystical about being Asian, and there is no distinction between any of the Asian influences in the garden. Most of the garden is Japanese yet Austin orders a “wushu” outfit for exercise and plants bamboo in the garden.
    The way Master Akira speaks and Austin’s reaction to how “strange” Master Akira is makes it seem like Asian people and culture are so different and something to be made fun of.
    Not okay.

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    I finished this area as soon as I could because I HATED it! And yes, the Yoda-speak was so annoying.

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    SUPER racist. I can't imagine how this level got through QA. I cringe every time I open the game on this level. It's painful.

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    I agree Playrix is using the Master Akira character as an insult.

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    Not only are the ethnic references wrong, but this is the first time I cannot find a way to complete a level...I am on 1446. It seems to me this entire area needs to be redesigned.

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