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Thread: Ernie, A Spy?

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    Ernie, A Spy?

    Go to my heli orders today and what do I see...

    What is Ernie doing in my town, ordering from my heli? And promoting buying local, nonetheless!
    I smell espionage.....

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    Yes, he's sneaky. If you click on his train or plane, but don't help him by loading a product, it's almost certain that's a product you'll be asked for soon.

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    I knew it!!! He IS related to mafia man and raj!

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    And not just that, he has connections way high up in the food chain:!

    Ernie is way more than just a worker dude with a hard hat. He's this game's Kaiser Söze if you ask me.

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    And not to forget this highly dubious numbers: Forever at level 99, but the likes count is raising by the minute? Is at more than 37 millions right now. Ya sure ... Pft!
    C'mon, they could've done better than just this pathetic excuse for a disguise.
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    Illuminati maybe. 😀

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Herriott View Post
    Illuminati totally.
    Fixed that for you.

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    Johnalex Zarco
    Possibly, but I like helping him. Instant clovers

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