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Thread: Best Use of the Raja 10-Day Option?

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    Best Use of the Raja 10-Day Option?

    I've read here about the strategy using the Generous Customer booster with buying Raja's services.

    How do you make the best use of the other days once the booster is over?

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    Great question! I asked my co-op the same thing. They buy mining tools if they don't need anything. One answer in a thread on this forum also said to buy lockets and rings to sell to Mafia heli guy for more Tcash. I've been using him for fuel orders for mini game, luckily I've gotten 15 in T-cash from the chests!
    That's all I've got so far but I'm sure plenty of others have tips too.

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    Short answer: ORE!

    Long answer: depending on how much time you spend in the game, i.e. how many times you actually get to use the dealer, you can either buy ore directly every hour (so you can upgrade trains, factories, islands), or mining tools to have for regatta tasks, and get ore that way. Some time ago they reduced the maximum amount of jewelry you can get from the dealer, so (in my opinion) it's not worth spending tons of coins for them anymore.
    I personally hire the dealer for 10 days each month, when he's 60% off (=36 tcash for 10days), buy ore almost exclusively, and until next time i hire him, i've already done plenty of upgrades.

    Another good use, if you have your zoo open and working on it, is to buy hot products and sell them in the zoo.

    Of course, in the time you have him hired, you can use him to buy any products that you are out of, and need for trains/planes, etc. but mainly, my advice is to use him for ore.

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    Totally agree with Dread. Ore ore ore.

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    Exactly the same as Dread.

    I only purchase Raja whenever he comes up for 60% off, and then it's 95% ore purchase, with an occasional factory item if I'm impatient.
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    The "best use" depends on what YOU need. Coins? Factory upgrades? A large amount of paper for the next plane? Regatta help?

    I use Raja almost exclusively for hot zoo items. I do a lot of zoo tasks, sometimes 5-6 a day, which enriches my coin bank too. In the past I mainly bought pickaxes for mining tasks. I never saw a need to buy ore since I worked the mine. But again, whatever you need and makes sense to you.

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    I have never needed to buy ore either Veganville. Yet a majority of players say they do. The Mine constantly replenishes itself, so free ore should be available all the time. I use Raja for anything I need at a given moment in time, or those items I despise making.

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    I use raj for my plane items first. I am a big believer in sending every plane as soon as it arrives, lol. The payoffs for sending planes are worth it to me ( barn tools, gems, coins, etc.)

    Then I use him for any manufacturing items that i have less than 10 of in my barn that may be needed for train and heli orders. Any item that takes longer than 1/2 hr to make and more than 2 ingredients. I refuse to make pink cupcakes, lol.

    I have used raj on occasion to buy ore but more So for mining tools. But never a priority for me, since I enjoy mining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweetsie View Post
    I've read here about the strategy using the Generous Customer booster with buying Raja's services.

    How do you make the best use of the other days once the booster is over?
    I think how you use the dealer depends a lot on your Town level and what order you are trying to achieve things in. From about level 50 to 90, I mostly ordered plane items I could not make in time and zoo hots, interspersing these with enough jewelry to sell to at least break even on the expense of hiring the dealer. Somewhere around level 100 or so, I got more involved in upgrading boats and factories and began to order more ore. By the time I had all the baskets in my zoo (level 120?), I also had a big enough barn and fast enough factories that I rarely needed raja for anything BUT ore. I also started to make my own jewelry.
    A little while ago I quit hiring him for the week, and only use him maybe 1 or 2 days a week. I still mostly get ore to have ingots for shipping and jewelry here and there.

    I doubt there is an objective optimum use. It depends on where you want to save time and spend your Township energies.

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    Thanks, everyone. I'm at level 51. I got the great deal of 60% off his services for 10 days. I've been using him to buy ore, fill planes, and buy butter and syrup or anything else I find myself continually needing. My focus has been on upgrading factories and increasing coins. After reading here, I also have started to trash heli orders of less than 300. I'm up to 26 boxes at the market.

    I have not built the zoo or mint, but am currently building the 3rd foundry.

    All I need to do now is increase T-cash. I REALLY appreciate everyone's input.

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