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Thread: Rewards For Each Regatta Task

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    Rewards For Each Regatta Task

    I'm sorry, don't know if this has been suggested already

    I'd love to suggest that there be rewards for each task completed in regatta. It makes some coop members more interested in doing more tasks specially in higher leagues, rather than wait for the end of regatta to receive reward for all coop members

    For example some of my coop members just do a few tasks (say 3 out of 11 tasks) and wait to receive rewards at end of regatta, meanwhile just a few of us are laboring hard to make it at the top, and sometimes we labour in vain, but I believe they could be encouraged to do more tasks especially when they are rewarded per task

    The rewards for each task could vary based on the difficulty of the task. For example, rewards for tasks of 135 points should be better than others

    I think this approach would be better than kicking coop members often in order to get others that would fully participate in regatta

    I don't know if any one thinks the same or has a better alternative.


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    I would love to see settings put in place so the game automatically kicks people out before prizes for me by setting a value for required weekly tasks if they did not opt out.
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    Haha Shadowrune that's harsh

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    In fact there already is a system that rewards an individual for an individual task, isn't there? The themed regattas.

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    If members aren't pulling their weight, why would you still want them to remain in the co-op? If a minimum number of tasks is set and members are continually failing to meet the minimum, then boot them out and take in members who are willing to work as a team.

    Members can be kicked before the end of the racing week, if you think they don't deserve to claim any rewards at the end of the week, with no effect to the points the co-op has already earned.

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