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    I hide things too, I hid the junk yard too lol, come visit #RFYQWN

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    New goals have been set so to make some changes.
    Harbor closed, a Mall is created so why not upgrade the Market with some music from the Music store
    Change what you can't accept. Accept what you can't change
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky_Ruud View Post
    ... a Mall is created so why not upgrade the Market with some music from the Music store
    lol - nice they put the boxes outside!

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    I made my market an attractive transshipment center, easy to reach for the agricultural suppliers on the one side of the river as well as for the industrial producers on the other side.
    So all traders are able to reach the oversea harbour easily by ship (lol ok, the bridge is a bit tricky, but .. no risk no fun, no?).
    Privat consumers meanwhile can shop fresh produces at the connected market hall, delivered early morning straightly from the nearby fields.

    After shopping people can move over to visit the adventure park or having lunch at the nearby food court, offering a wide range of restaurants with an amazing view to the town's most famous tourist attraction.

    Yes I love my town, such a nice place to be

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