Your loyal players 100 asked and ask for more to do , and a event always (seasonal events on top of events) Alot are burned out and feel ragatta a chour now. Everyone knows you want to make money but events all the time you are burning so many players out. This is a awesome game , but sence I have even joined you change and reviews I read are not happy. At least meet halfway like 1 or 2 ragatta have events and next 1 or 2 ragatta no events . This is a game wich most all people playing have jobs and family. We all choose to spend our spare time playing this game and momey . I was started of coop hard racers and now because of your changes , I felt so bad for coop trying best and it was so hard for them because all the events and low tasks dumped, and had family and job and could not afford it, so i left my golden league coop and started new 1 , we have fun , try our best but we understand all have jobs and their families. We have fun , this is a game we like it but because of your changes , we spend less money and time on it as most players alot said they left or leaving . I hate to see that , I know you can't make everyone happy but meeting in middle , make a post about it and alot less tcash and prizes you give away. And more stay because they can race hard sometimes. Coop moral goes up to . But I'm just putting my thoughts and what I have seen on tons of fb post. It's like on fb you all have tons of angry players . Just saying you meet halfway on mostly events make a post and create something more for your players 100 and above , it better then losing alot loyal players and players, as I tell my coop win awesome but not everything, this is a game , we have fun and support each other. We only kick thoses that don't try or help. We all try best to do 135 and all tasks but if can't it's OK we , like all dump so many low tasks and wait for higher task. All try best but we all unstand , it's not their fault because of you changed and all events tasks and waiting on higher tasks but they have same job and family before you changed. So we just do best. Although this last seasonal task was easiest 1 , i advised all to stock up on mining tools and jems for zoo booster and (Like factories have zoo items done before taking task ). We dumped alot low tasks and me I'm usually done with all my tasks on 3-4 this seasonal event so I can help more . But I myself as most players are so burned out of mostly seasonal events , events always. NO break . And mean while your loyal players 100 or above don't have nothing new like they requested, they are at a dead-end repeat events cycle. And most players have jobs and family.