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I was kicked out of my co-op in the middle of the regatta, with no explanation. I did not "steal" a reserved task. There was no name or picture beside it. I was very careful about that. I don't appreciate it, but I guess it's their loss. I think it's selfish for a person on a high level to reserve tasks that people on a lower level might need to use, anyway.
Seems like someone in that coop decided you weren't a fit or didn't want to have you around for whatever reason. It actually does not matter in the view of "fairness", it's their prerogative to kick you or keep you. So in that sense nothing unjust happened to you.

However, what happened was far from friendly or even decent. Poor form, to say the least. I can totally relate to you feeling treated unfairly, and would that happen to me, I'd likely feel the same. Just saying.

Reserve being selfish or not is all about how your coop decides to use the feature. I agree reserving by itself is a selfish thing: you fix a spot on the taskboard for you exclusively. However, the result is a task you're able to complete faster/better/fitting to your playing time and overall the whole coop benefits from that.

Whatever you do as a coop with reserve feature, just be clear about it, so everyone knows what to do, what to expect and what is right and what is wrong. No need for drama if you prevent it