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    The Aerial Challenge Event Decor

    Hi guys!
    Keep upgrading your planes and fly high! 🔧🌞We hope you enjoy the themed decor. Remember, that it is available only during the event, so hurry up! ⏰⌛

    🐝 Bee Pilot
    💦 Amphibious Aircraft
    🎈 Inflatable Plane
    🐥 Dovecote
    📬 Aviator Town Sign
    🌈 Kite Master
    🔭 Fly-seasoned Friends
    ✨ Winged Winner

    Show off the event decor in your towns! Inspire your in-game friends! 👍🎨🎡

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    Well this is not fair..
    There were so many players asking for an option to curve the roads and add roundabouts and whatnot, and you guys add it in this picture to show us how great it would look if we'd have the option, but not add it in the game. ( ︶︿︶)

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    Truly, Not nice. Really like that roundabout thingy and it would look so cool in the town.

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    Surprisingly I had great time designing theme park around that red plane
    "Fly me high!"
    Some decor stays permanently in the town:


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