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Thread: Fiefdom Scrabble

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    Fiefdom Scrabble

    Where is the Scrabble Board? Can't find a link to this. Maybe it is because of using a Amazon Fire tablet, and they have the own version of Andoid?

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    Sorry but I have no idea what is that scrabble thing. Where did you see that ? What is it ? I play on android and do not understand at all.

    P. S. OK, found it. It is a game strictly for players using Facebook. See the Facebook page of the game for more details.
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    Horrible view of board

    I try NOT complaining about a “free” game. But enough! Who plays SCRABBLE w/the board at an 8 degree angle? After I had a rather long list, I saw there were plain squares that even with zoom, a magnifying lense & Tri-focal glasses I did not see. Thus I gave up. I love this game, but it’s too expensive to play!

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