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Thread: Removing Items

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    Removing Items

    Greeting fellow gardeners!

    Has anyone ever considered adding a feature to remove items from the gardens, once the area has been completed, of course? Take the lake with the swans. It is lovely! However, "I" think it would look better without the flowers along the niches and the walkway while 'Marty' might prefer not to have a railing surrounding the small island. I suggest that, after collecting the stars and completing everything in that areas To Do List, you not only have the option of paying to change your selection, but you also get to pay the same amount to remove that item from your garden or mansion. This will allow you to see the area fully restored, but you can modify the area by removing items to make it more to ones individual tastes. The term Less is More would be a nice option to a game my whole family has come to love. We've all commented more than once, that it would be a nice feature to have.

    I'm hoping this is a new idea that can be added into this wonderful game and implemented soon. Let me know what you all think. I may be wrong. (I'm married. I'm used to being wrong.)

    Yours, BigBen

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    This is the best idea ever!!
    I would just add, when removing an item, it should't be removed permanently, but put in storage somewhere, so if we change our minds we can put it back.
    But yeah, i agree that the gardenscapes/homescapes devs are going a bit overboard with flowers. There are flowers EVERYWHERE!! I would like so much the ability to remove some of them...

    I hope to see this implemented as well!

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    I like it very much! But yes, i would like to see it possible to put to the storage.
    I dont like to remove things pernamently. Either way as woman i like to changing mind

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    Every idea in this thread is good: being able to remove items and put them in storage. I've seen other comments on how many of the areas just look cluttered. Completely agree. Less is just better: less clutter, less stress, less mess.

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    Yes please! I want to remove the toy knights from the castle area so much (haha) I loved the topiary without them. In general it would be nice if we had design options to revert some things in the garden to "before" or "in between"
    This would not make sense with a statue of course, but some things were pretty before, or are cluttered after.

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    the option to NOT have an item

    In very new area, I have the same problem. I love the romantic look of the desolated stat, enjoy the first two thirds of remodeling it - and then usually hating the all the clutter that is added at the end, especially the lanterns. I think I'd pay real money for a choice option of some lanterns, benches etc etc, where I can NOT have them. Just a clear spot of grass or gravel. (Next on my pet peeves list after the ludicrous amount of lanterns are the paintings. Who does this?? Putting a picture smack in front of a nice flower bed. Yes, I get that in this universe Charles Stevens is important but that is just nuts.)

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    YES!!!! I keep longing for this like mad. (I actually just made a thread about it, not having seen yours) There is just way too much in many areas and I'd absolutely LOVE the option to not have something. At least with the things that we can choose on, anyway. I do understand that you can't just reprogram the whole field.
    All those hideous lanterns, for example, in totally idiotic locations, too. (in front of a watering trough for a horse? Two of them, really??) It would be so awesome to just make them vanish.

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    I have reached the other side of the garden and the clutter at the new house is insane. It would be so nice to remove or tone down some of the additions.
    Not even all of them... just some. Add them for springtime and then remove in late summer haha.

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