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Thread: 12.04 April update is here!

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    How come i do not get the good updates , whyplay the game if i dont.

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    I did not update game, and can not find update in Amazon App Store. But now when I log in I get a message that says synchronization in progress. Then asks me if want to keep old game and keep my data or get new game and lose everything. So far I have kept old game as I am at level 2397 an do not want to start over. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Be very careful. I tried to purchase two $6.99 packs in the game on iOS this morning and was charged for them, but not credited in the game. I contacted support and they refused to do anything. Now they are ignoring my messages. I am ready to contact Apple and report this as fraud. Be very careful!

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    You are scammers, you always make us loose levels so we have always to pay money to be able to beat those levels.

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    I think we must sue playrix legally

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    You don't sound much like a lawyer.

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    That is what you will have to do..I had the same issues.

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    I love this game!

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    thats stuped game i never see complete any level its horrible

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    im trying to find an easier way to add more friends...i am not able to add friends the normal way on this game....please help me...ty

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