Spring blossoms and another update goes live! You’re just one tap away from going on a treasure hunt with your dog and restoring a new area across the river! Let’s have a look at what’s waiting for you in the game:

Treasure hunt at the end of April
- Find treasure chests with your dog in a new event
- Beat levels without losing any to get boosters at the start of subsequent levels

New adventures
- A new business of good old friends: Colin and Robbie's company is restoring a house
- Austin is trying to catch a ghost! Help him unveil the mystery!
- Why is there a Polynesian totem in the garden? An unusual decoration has a story to tell.
- A new pet appears in your garden! Meow!

Also featuring
- Sealed Fireworks: find a hidden element to launch fireworks and hit level targets!
- Grow bonsai in a regular event!

Download from your official store and let us know what you think!